So yeah, about that weekly posting thing

Did I mention I’m bad at habit-building? Probz should’ve mentioned that up front. So yeah, kind of missed February and most of March. But that doesn’t mean anything in the greater scheme of things. There are always Friday’s just around the corner, and I’ve decided this would be a good one to jump back in here again.

So I promised reviews of blogging software in my last post. I’m just going to go ahead and pretend like that didn’t happen, if that’s alright with you. If you’ve been dying to hear my opinions on random software, I’m sorry to disappoint. But here! Let me share with you some photos to make up for it!

These were taken on one of my trips to Paris a few years ago. After the Paris attacks, I started going back through my old shots from that trip, just to remind myself that it’s still a beautiful city, even when faced with ugly things.

So here you go. I haven’t done any post-processing with them or anything. These were just some pretty pictures I felt like sharing. So enjoy!


C25K and the week ahead

Welcome to the fourth consecutive week of Due by Friday! OK, you may not be that impressed, but I certainly am. Not only does this mean that I’ve remembered which day of the week it is on a continual basis, but it also means that I’ve stuck with something for a month. No small feat here. And speaking of sticking with things, that brings us to this week’s big project of note.




For those who don’t punish themselves on the regular, C25K is short form for Couch to 5K race. I am by no means a runner (save when being chased by something bigger and/or hungrier than me), but I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into doing the C25K program. As it fits into my overall goal for 2016 of getting back into a shape that is not quite so round, I’ve decided to go along with this program. It’s not too tough yet, which makes it easy to keep up. three times a week I go for a run. Each time, the runs get progressively more challenging. Currently I’m only running for a minute or two, and then walking for a minute or two. So fairly easy stuff. But it gets me out exercising three times a week, so it’s a win. I don’t know if I’ll actually work towards getting a decent 5K run time at any point, but I won’t rule it out. For now I’m just enjoying the fact that I’m getting some exercise. And, of course, it’s giving me something to post here. So win win!


Next week


For this next week, I’ll be focusing on a sort of housekeeping project. Over the next seven days, I plan on test-driving some different blogging software. Specifically, I’ll be playing around with MarsEdit, Blogo, and DeskPM. And if I’m feeling extra squirrelly, I may even write up a review of them here to share what I’ve learned. So do stay tuned, especially if you are thinking about doing some writing yourself and are interested in what programs are out there to help you out. I know I’m curious.


And that’s that! Here’s to a great next seven days for all of us. Until then…