On Not Making Money

Hello again! I wanted to take a moment this week to talk a bit about what DBF is, and also what it is not. I’ve been putting up some app reviews here, and more are coming in the following weeks. I wanted to make clear that I’m not making money off these reviews. There are no referral links or affiliate codes or any of that. In fact, DBF has no monetization anywhere. I make a whopping zero ducats off of this thing. And I like it that way.

The way I see it, the internet has plenty of folks writing reviews for money, some of them actually very good. I pass no judgement. Everyone needs to make a living one way or another. But that’s not what I’m doing here. DBF is simply a tool for me to share things I’ve found useful. Maybe even help someone out who’s looking for something to help them out.

This approach has benefits and pitfalls. On the plus column, I have zero restrictions on what I write. In every review or comparison or rant, you’re getting my unfiltered opinion. The only caveat is that it is just my opinion. On the other hand, since I make no money on these reviews, I rely on you, the reader, to tell me if they’re worth your time to read them. There is no client to tell me if what I’m writing is working. Only you, dear reader, can keep me honest. I do encourage you at any time to drop me a line on the Suggestion Box page. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what you had for lunch. All feedback is welcome.

So that’s where we are now, but what lies ahead? Well, some more reviews for the next few weeks. Once I’ve covered all the tools I’m using to get through the year, the review onslaught will come to an end and things will (hopefully!) get really interesting. Projects will begin anew. Things will be happening. Which is to say, hold on tight and prepare for awesome. Or maybe at least awesome adjacent. I don’t want to oversell it here. But I’m remaining cautiously optimistic.

And now I’ve taken enough of your time. The clever reader will know this for what it is, a bit of a cheat post. A sly way of keeping my weekly promise without delivering much in the way of goods. But while that is true, I also wanted to take the time to make it clear what my intentions are here, and embrace transparency. If ever I do include something that somehow benefits me financially, I will be up front about it. Bottom line: I don’t like reading ads, and I like writing them even less. So I don’t.

Next week I’ll be sharing with you my experience of using the workout app Seven. I’ve been using it every day this month, and I’m excited to tell you all about it. But until then, enjoy your weekend. I’m sure you’ve earned it. Until next time.

  • Ryan

And We’re Back!

It’s been a bit, I know. Just think of this like getting a letter in the mail from a friend you haven’t heard from in quite some time. Those always bring a smile to my face, so maybe this will bring one to you.

I’ve got goals for this year. And this humble blog is part of them. Goal numero uno: Due By Friday is now due by Friday! Expect weekly posts (ideally, at least weekly, but I make no promises) covering goals and *ahem* progress towards achieving said goals. I don’t expect every week to be mind-blowing, but I’m excited to see where the journey takes us.

This week, being the first week-ish of the new year, has been lost to school vacations and visiting family and holiday hustle bustle, as I’m sure has been the case for many of you. All I can say to that is stick to your guns. Don’t worry if resolutions have rocky starts. The hardest step is the one you’ve already taken, deciding to do something.

So buckle up for a fun year. In the coming weeks I’ll be planning out my goals for 2020 and sharing them here. I hope the new year finds you all well, and I look forward to an adventure shared.

My best to all!

  • Ryan

So here’s the thing… (AKA Don’t Call It a Comeback)


I suck at doing. It’s a hard fact. Ask anyone who knows me. I am an eternal procrastinator. Here’s a fine example: it’s the 17th of May, 2018, and I haven’t finished writing out my 2018 New Year’s resolutions. Need more? How about this: it’s actually the 30th of November, 2018, and I’m only now getting around to finishing this entry. And no, I still haven’t finished writing out my 2018 resolutions. Yeah. And the worst part about it is that it’s still a thing I want to actually get done.

When I started DueByFriday, the idea was that a weekly deadline would force me to accomplish something. And in a way, it did. I thought more about doing than I ever have before. The idea sat in the back of my head, stalking me throughout my days and weeks and months.

But the actual doing? Yeah, not so much. There are certainly things I did do. Some of them daily, some weekly, some whenever inspiration struck. But what I have consistently failed to do is anything I said I’d do here. I’m going to fix that. Welcome to DueByFriday 2.0, dammit.

So here’s to fresh starts once again. Because really, that’s what DueByFriday is all about at its core. We can do anything at any time. We can start today. Right now. In fact, stop reading and go do something. Come back after you’re done and tell me about what you just accomplished. I’ll be waiting.