Laying Down the Cornerstones

I’ll keep this one brief. Spent the day drafting up and ultimately posting the three cornerstone pages that I set out to do. Now I have an About page, a Contact page, and a /now page.

And I’m really happy with it! They’re just a start, but it was incredibly easy to get it done. I’ve been using Daniel Jalkut’s MarsEdit throughout this project, and imagine my delight when I discovered that you can draft and publish pages from MarsEdit just as easily as you can blog posts! Such an excellent piece of software that does one specific thing better than anything else out there.

One fun fact: I’m actually working on this personal website project across two different sites currently. I’ve got a site as well as a self-hosted WordPress site. I’ve been cross-posting to both sites (also easy thanks to MarsEdit) just to see how I like the outcome on each platform. I don’t know if I’ll ultimately choose one over the other, or if I’ll use them both but differently, or what. Right now I’m still just getting my sea legs.

Today I worked on setting up these three pages only on the instance. And it really was so easy. The only glitch I came across in the whole process was when I was putting together a test page, just to see how it’d work.

I drafted and published the test page through MarsEdit, and it showed up as expected on the site. Then I deleted the page through MarsEdit. But when I went back to my M.b page, I noticed that the Test page never went away. So I went into my admin portal, only to discover that the Test page wasn’t there. It was now some strange ephemeral ghost, only showing itself on the published site but unable to be altered.

I scratched my head over it all day. Ultimately, I decided to see if I could draft and publish another identical Test page at the same URL via MarsEdit. And it worked. Then I made a point to delete the page within the M.b admin portal. And that did the trick. So for anyone out there who may have or may in the future run into the same problem, here’s your fix. Learn from me!

Tomorrow I’ll work on getting the same pages up on the WordPress site. And of course I’ll let you all know how it goes. Feel free in the meantime to check out the new pages and let me know what you think. Because you can now. Because I’ve made a Contact page. 🙂