Screenwriting Linkdump

This will be a short one. On Saturdays, I like to post links to all the resources I’ve used throughout the week to work on the current project. But there really weren’t too many I ended up relying on this week. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • IMSDb
    The Internet Movie Script Database. This was great for finding movie scripts. It’s a very low-key website, which I actually appreciated. No frills, just scripts. And they have plenty!

  • John August’s website
    If you want to learn about the work of screenwriting from a successful screenwriter, this is an excellent place to start. The site has plenty of nuggets of wisdom throughout, and August helpfully categorizes his posts, so it’s easy to search through for whatever you may be trying to find. He also has two great podcasts, Launch and Scriptnotes, worth listening to if you want to dive in further.

  • Weekend Read 2
    This is the script reading app that John August released through his company, Quote-Unquote Apps. I’ve been using it all week to read movie scripts on my phone, and it has been painless to use.

  • Also worth mentioning is John August’s writing app, Highland 2. It looks very sharp. I haven’t used it myself yet, but it’s definitely in my list of apps to try out. In the meantime, since I don’t want to add a new software learning curve to this screenwriting challenge, I’ll be sticking with iA Writer. I’ve used this before, and I’m familiar with the layout. But fear not, Highland 2, I’ll check you out soon!

  • NYC Midnight
    I’m including this for any writers out there looking for a fun challenge. They run multiple events throughout the year, so there’s likely something that will be of interest to any kind of writer. Whether you enjoy writing micro-fiction, flash fiction, short stories, screenplays, what have you, there’s something for you here. My favorite part about their challenges is that all submissions receive feedback from the judges. Whether you make it through to the next round or not, you’ll get to hear from the people who judged your entry. I’ve found this to be rare, and this alone makes these challenges worth entering, in my book.

And that’s basically it for this week. The screenwriting challenge has officially begun, and I’ve received my assigned genre, subject, and character to work with for my script entry. Fingers crossed, I’ll have submitted something decent by this time next week!