Week 09: 26FEB-03MAR2024

So I do this thing for myself. At the start of each week, I create a fresh note in Drafts to serve as my weekly planner. It basically serves to keep me on task and to plan around family social calendars and remind me of things that need doing. At the end of each week, I sit down and review what has been done and what may need to be pushed to the following week. Then repeat.

I’ve been thinking for a bit now that this would make a great format for a weekly newsletter of sorts. So here’s a first stab at it. I’m sure this may change/evolve over time (most applicable slug line of this site, right there!), but no time like the present to get it rolling. I expect this will be the usually Sunday output you can expect from me until I end up doing something different. Enjoy!

Weekly Goals:

  • [x] Start a blog already
  • [ ] Start exercising again


  • Finally started this blog on Thursday. Been posting daily so far. Not sure how the pace will settle out, but this has been manageable so far.

Posts Made This Week:

Listening to This Week:

  • Between podcasts right now. Looking currently for something fun to dig into.

Currently Watching:

  • Started Constellation on AppleTV+. Interesting start. Curious to see where it goes.
  • Started the third season of Resident Alien. Alan Tudyk continues to make me smile.
  • Watched Blockbuster on Netflix. Made me miss working in a bookstore. A fun show, and a shame that it only had a single season run. I could never get past the irony, though, of Netflix making a show about the business it was responsible for ending, only to cancel the show.
  • Watched The Kitchen on Netflix. Just…wow. One captivating display of how bad things can get while trying to just be aline in the world on your own terms, not someone else’s. Strongly recommend.

Currently Reading:

  • Halfway through Cory Doctorow’s _The Bezzle_. Excellent so far, and hard to put down. I very much enjoyed _Red Team Blues_, which came before this, and would recommend to anyone looking for a good quick read. (Of note for Doctorow fans, Humble Bumble is currently running a book bundle for 18 Cory Doctorow novels. Donations go to the EFF. The sale ends in 20 days, and can be found here.)

And that’s that for this week. Again, I’m sure this format will change/evolve over time. But this is a start.

Hope you all are having an excellent weekend. Until next time!