Cornerstones Linkdump

Once again I’ve found myself amazed at all the awesome things people have built on the web. The amount of inspiration I found while looking through personal webpages out there was astounding.

Here I’ve tried to gather just a small sampling of some of the great sites that gave me ideas. Not only did they help me get something started for myself, but they’ve given me excellent ideas for what I can hopefully grow my personal webpage into someday down the road.
: Great first stop for inspiration and guidance
: Thanks is owed to for giving me some great initial feedback and suggestions, and for introducing me to the concept of cornerstone pages in the first place. was another early motivator for me, subscribing to my RSS feed before I even knew what I’d be doing here. Thanks for the faith! His writeup here on the idea of a personal website keeps me motivated. And his site is lovely.
: The advice here is perfect for anyone needing motivation to get their own site started. An other great bit of “just do it” advice from the creator of the Own Your Web newsletter. Wondering where the idea of /now pages started? Here’s your answer. This was where it all began. And this is where it is now. Such an awesome idea, and I love how much it’s spread. A great source of /uses pages. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’ll be checking this page out when I decide it’s time to set one up. This is a great example of a colophon page like I’d like to set up at some point. The whole site is great. An awesome links page that I’ll refer back to when I get there. And again, the whole site is filled with good stuff. Okay, I’m a fan here. The whole thing. The font. The graphics. The humor. I find myself just staring at this site and wishing I was at this level. If you’re looking to just kick back and nerd out on some awesome weird web stuff, look no further than here.

To all the people whose work I link to here, and to everyone else out there doing fun cool things on the web, I thank you. You’re all doing the hard work of blazing a trail for the rest of us to follow.