And We’re Back!

It’s been a bit, I know. Just think of this like getting a letter in the mail from a friend you haven’t heard from in quite some time. Those always bring a smile to my face, so maybe this will bring one to you.

I’ve got goals for this year. And this humble blog is part of them. Goal numero uno: Due By Friday is now due by Friday! Expect weekly posts (ideally, at least weekly, but I make no promises) covering goals and *ahem* progress towards achieving said goals. I don’t expect every week to be mind-blowing, but I’m excited to see where the journey takes us.

This week, being the first week-ish of the new year, has been lost to school vacations and visiting family and holiday hustle bustle, as I’m sure has been the case for many of you. All I can say to that is stick to your guns. Don’t worry if resolutions have rocky starts. The hardest step is the one you’ve already taken, deciding to do something.

So buckle up for a fun year. In the coming weeks I’ll be planning out my goals for 2020 and sharing them here. I hope the new year finds you all well, and I look forward to an adventure shared.

My best to all!

  • Ryan